Cross-platform NFV Development

This project proposes NF abstractions for rapid development of portable NFs targeting incompatibility between NF logical development and runtime environment. You can refer to our INFOCOM’21 paper for more information. [pdf]

Algorithm Library and Visual System for Anomalous Subgraph Detection

The library embraces five popular algorithms that are widely used in anomalous subgraph detection within the concept of data mining. For big data processing, we parallelize most of algorithms and deploy them in Spark. The visual system helps analysis and selection of best-matched algorithms for different datasets. The project is open source in [Github].

GVBR: Improving Video Steaming

This project presents Greedy Variable Bitrate (GVBR), a suite of solutions that optimizes the QoE through an appropriate keyframe interval that trades cross-frame compression for lowered inter-frame interdependency, a simple-yet-efficient frame dropping strategy to prevent excessive frame drops, and a bitrate adaptation strategy customized for broadcasters who have shallow buffer. We compare GVBR with state-of- art algorithms in different network conditions.

More details in IWQoS’18 paper [pdf].

NF2P4: Reconciling Multi-Tenant NF Chains within P4 Switches

This project aims to explore efficient NF placement scheme that ports Service Function Chains (SFC) into P4 switches. I’m currently working on this.

Abnormal Subgraph Detection

More details in WWW’17 paper [pdf].